Lou Reed meets JB Priestley in period costume mini drama

Playwright JB Priestley and rock legend Lou Reed make an unlikely pairing – but their work has been fused with impressive results in a new video.  To view the video click here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Roj7ELX6Bw8

The combination of talents came about when filmmakers Ed Broughton and Nikki Steel, of Bonnie Brae Productions, were commissioned to create a promotional video for a play being staged at Dundee Rep Theatre and the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.c55f691563674a9e68b1a4e676c04ef109e36122_350

Priestley’s Time and the Conways jumps back and forth through several decades and shows how the actions of one moment bring vast consequences further down the line.

Ed and Nikki came up with the concept of creating a haunting new version of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day – with its melancholy refrain “You’re going to reap just what you sow” – as the soundtrack for a sumptuous mini costume drama.

Mr Broughton said: “It might surprise people that we chose a song by one of the most anarchic figures of American rock music to promote the work of a great 20th century playwright like Priestley, but they make an eerily good mix.

“This was a fantastic project. The set, costume and atmosphere have a strong echo of Downton Abbey, while the special effects and the music emphasise the darkness of the play itself.”

Working to tight deadlines, they were pleased to be able to call in skilled assistance from other companies which are part of Fleet Collective, the Dundee digital arts agency of which they are members. The camera duties were handled by fellow Fleet member Dylan Drummond (who runs Son of the Sea) while Ewan Smith (of Wangbar Ltd) looked after the complex special effects.

The music was courtesy Frankie Lowe, of Castaway Audio in Edinburgh, and singer Juliette Burton. The filming took place in the marvellous setting of Arbroath’s Hospitalfield House.

Nikki said: “Hospitalfield House was a superb location for us. We wanted people to have an idea of the mood and setting of the play. This involved recreating a drinks party, full of wealthy and privileged guests sipping champagne in a beautifully furnished and decorated mansion. It worked even better than we’d hoped.”

Graham King for Dundee Rep Theatre said: “Bonnie Brae are a brilliant asset to the Fleet Collective and Dundee. Their work is of the highest of quality and where our only choice. We have had many comments about the trailer and has helped our social media campaign surrounding the production.”

Time and the Conways is presented by Dundee Rep Ensemble and Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh playing at Dundee Rep from 13 to 30 March and before that will be at the Lyceum in Edinburgh from 15 February to 9 March

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