Priestley Titles Back In Print

Classic Priestley Titles Back in Print

2013 will see the publication of two of Priestley’s most unusual and intriguing works of fiction. Benighted (1927) and The Other Place (1953). Both are to be re-issued with their original covers by Valancourt Books, an American based publishing house.

The books will be available in both paperback and kindle editions.

We are delighted about this news. It takes the number of Priestley fiction titles in print to six. The Good Companions (1929), Angel Pavement (1931) Bright Day (1946) and Lost Empires (1965) are also available from Great Northern Books and all good bookshops. Great Northern also publish Priestley’s seminal English Journey (1934), his brilliant collection of essays Delight and Priestley’s Wars a study of Priestley’s involvement in both world wars and with CND.


Philip and Margaret Waverton and their friend Roger Penderel are driving through the mountains of Wales when a torrential downpour washes away the road and forces them to seek shelter for the night. They take refuge in an ancient, crumbling mansion inhabited by the strange and sinister Femm family and their brutish servant Morgan. Determined to make the best of the circumstances, the benighted travellers drink, talk, and play games to pass the time while the storm rages outside. But as the night progresses and tensions rise, dangerous and unexpected secrets emerge. On the house’s top floor are two locked doors; behind one of them lies the mysterious, unseen Sir Roderick Femm, and behind the other lurks an unspeakable terror. Which is more deadly: the apocalyptic storm outside the house or the unknown horrors that await within? And will any of them survive the night?

Benighted (1927), a classic ‘old dark house’ novel of psychological terror, was the second novel by J.B. Priestley (1894-1984), better known for his classics The Good Companions (1929), Angel Pavement (1930) and Bright Day (1946). The basis for James Whale’s 1932 film The Old Dark House, Benighted returns to print for the first time in fifty years. This edition includes the unabridged text of the first British edition, a new introduction by Orrin Grey, and a reproduction of the rare jacket art of the 1927 Heinemann edition.

For More information about Priestley Books in Print and to buy the titles click the links below.

angel pavementLost Empiresbright dayGood Companionsdelight

 English JourneyWars



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