Readers in the Yorkshire area will have the chance to see an intriguing 10-minute piece about Priestley’s Second World War Postscripts broadcasts on Monday 21 October 2013.

BBC TV in Leeds will at last broadcast its Yorkshire “InsideOut” programme which includes the piece, in relation to a book by Richard North entitled The  Many, not the Few: the stolen history of the Battle of Britain. The programme was made a year ago, and featured as an item in the Society’s NEWS of last January.

P.S. We would like to emphasise that the Radio Times and the webpage for the programme are incorrect in saying that Priestley was sacked by the BBC.  In fact, Nicolas Hawkes, who has recently researched and written about this subject, observes that “the BBC made strenuous efforts to keep [Priestley] on, and he resumed other broadcasting a year or so later”.

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