Andrew Greathead (Birmingham) writes:

The close link between the Society and The Talisman Theatre at Kenilworth stretches back ten years. The Talisman has successfully staged three Priestley plays, Time and The Conways (2003), The Linden Tree (2006) and When we are Married (2007). My first Society event was joining fellow members at a performance of The Linden Tree, which was a first-class production. Since then my wife and I have become regular visitors to The Talisman to see a variety of excellent productions.   Imagine my delight when I discovered that The Talisman were to perform An Inspector Calls. On a chilly October evening I set off with my wife Joanne, 14-year-old daughter, Isobel and two friends, full of expectation and excitement. Were we disappointed? No, of course not!

Once again The Talisman came up trumps. The curtains opened to reveal a set that was ornately Edwardian accurately showing the wealth and social standing of the Birling family.  As this was first night and the cast a little nervous, the opening was perhaps a little slow but the pace soon picked up and some excellent performances soon had the audience captivated.  Standing out among the excellent cast was John Dawson as the inspector. He was assured and authoritative as he turned the spotlight on each member of the Birling family. Special mention should also be given to Gill Bowser, who was an excellent Mrs Birling.

One small dislike of ours was the appearance of Eva/Daisy at the side of the stage at various points during the play.  This was an unnecessary distraction;  it would have been better to leave Eva/Daisy as an enigmatic unseen figure.

I will leave the last word to Isobel as this was her first Priestley play. I asked her on the way home:   “Did you enjoy the play?”     Her reply: “It was amazing”.

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