From January to 11 April 2014 the Manchester Actors Company is presenting A Working Guide to An Inspector Calls, with a one-hour performance designed for Secondary pupils studying the play.  It is staged in the schools themselves, and concentrates on key scenes, characters and confrontations.  This is their second such tour, covering the north-west, and West and South Yorkshire; also including Macbeth.

After each performance the students can ‘Meet The Birlings’.  This is a 30-minute, face-to-face discussion, guided by actors in the Company.  The audience talk directly to the ‘fascinating characters in the family’.  Indeed, they can become the Inspector himself, and ask any questions they like.  Each performance comes complete with a free Teacher’s Pack, containing notes useful for teachers and students, to maximise the impact of the play.  This is a lively innovation, already fully  booked out.

On-line access to the Company is via

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