An exhibition which opens in Leeds this July explores 21st century England in the “rambling, truthful” spirit of one of J.B. Priestley’s most significant works, English Journey.  John Angerson’s English Journey can be seen at the Blenheim Walk Gallery from 24 July-2 October 2015.

Mr Angerson remarks on many parallels with Priestley’s 1930s: the effects of global economic downturn alongside ‘Americanisation’ and homogenisation and the rise in celebrity culture.  Like Priestley, though, he felt that “the open-hearted spirit of the people I have encountered while wandering across England has made me believe … that we work as individuals towards a common goal of cooperation never forgetting that we are all dependent on one another.”

Find out more:

Blenheim Walk Gallery website.

John Angerson’s website.

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