The Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington, has reported that it broke pre-sale ticket records for its production of the stage version of Benighted and achieved the highest advance in the theatre’s history. The production has been nominated for five Off West End Theatre Awards, including Best Director.

With one or two exceptions the critics’ verdicts have been generally

Time Out ****

A spooky and surprisingly thoughtful play…director Stephen Whitson strikes a
fine balance between easy thrills and smarter psychological chills.

Everything Theatre ****

Amazing special effects and set. The aesthetic of the show was bewitching.
Perfect for those who want to be transported back in time. You will be kept on
the edge of your seat.

London Theatre ***

Wonderful variation in the characters, each vividly and distinctly unique…It’s
worth a visit for ardent J B Priestley fans….A valiant attempt at bringing a
lesser known Priestley novel to the stage, it’s well paced.

The Reviews Hub ***

What could have been a evening more ghastly than ghostly becomes one of
morbid merriment, largely due to director Stephen Whitson’s successfully
navigating a course between parody and gravity…The production is at its
best when it is not taking itself too seriously.

What’s On Stage ***

A diverting evening…It’s a trifle, albeit one made from strange fruit and bitter

The Stage ***

Entertaining, atmospheric and at times genuinely affecting adaptation.

(Non-Star Reviews)

A Younger Theatre

A short, sharp production of a forgotten classic and a great example of how
much you can transform even the smallest of spaces….It’s wonderful to see
West End production values in a pub theatre.!

Exeunt Magazine

A highly entertaining, frenzied piece of theatre directed expertly by Stephen
Whitson…at its core a vividly human production.

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