THE ILKLEY LITERATURE FESTIVAL: J. B. Priestley at Kissing Tree House with Barry Cryer and Sophie Fyson

Priestley will feature at this year’s Ilkley LIterature Festival. The event (number 36) will see Barry Cryer discussing Priestley at Kissing Tree House, the recently published memoir by J.B. Priestley’s long serving secretary Rosalie Batten.

In 1968 Rosalie Batten became J.B. Priestley’s personal secretary at Kissing Tree House in Warwickshire, a role she retained until his death in 1984. Priestley suggested she write a book about him, and in 1986 she did. 32 years later, this unique, honest and moving memoir has finally been published. Barry Cryer, a personal friend of Priestley and regular visitor at Kissing Tree, is joined by Rosalie’s daughter Sophie Fyson to discuss this remarkable memoir, their time with Priestley and his enduring appeal. The event is chaired by Lee Hanson, Chair of the Priestley Society.

For tickets lick this link:

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