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Publications of the J. B. Priestley Society

The Society publishes a wide range of critical guides to individual Priestley titles and underlying themes in his writings. Many are available to purchase and download below.

Works Concerning Priestley’s Fiction

These Stumbling Chronicles: a Guide to the Novels of J.B. Priestley

by Michael Nelson. 2009. 90 pages. This is the Society’s largest book. All Priestley’s novels discussed in detail. An engaging work that renders for both the academic and general reader the whole essence of Priestley’s fiction.

All the World’s a Stage: a Critical Guide to “Lost Empires”

by Michael Nelson. 2000. 20 pages. Priestley’s late, great novel explored in detail.

“Bright Day”: a 60th Birthday Celebration

edited by K. E. Smith. 2006. 38 pages. Bright Day is one of Priestley’s finest novels. This celebratory publication contains a variety of articles: introduction by K. E. Smith; J. B. Priestley’s introduction to the Everyman edition of “Bright Day” (1966); The Lady Hits Back: Priestley and Cinema in “Bright Day”, by Michael Nelson; “Bright Day”: time, memory and truth, by K.E. Smith.

By Tram from Bruddersford: the novels of J. B. Priestley

edited by Alan Day. A series of Papers read to a meeting of the J. B. Priestley Society on the 27 February 1999. Contains an overview to Priestley’s novels and separate chapters on three works of fiction. Contents: The Novels of J. B. Priestley, by Michael Nelson; “Albert Goes Through“, by Tony Reavill; “Daylight on Saturday“, by K. E. Smith; “Angel Pavement“, by John Waddington-Feather. 32 pages

Works Concerning Priestley’s Drama

A Family in Crisis: a Critical Guide to “The Linden Tree”

by Michael Nelson. 2000. The Linden Tree was the last of Priestley’s solo plays to achieve both a critical and commercial success. It ran in London’s West End for no fewer than 422 performances. A detailed guide to one of Priestley’s greatest works for the theatre. 19 pages.

One Man in his Time: a Guide to the Stage Plays of J. B. Priestley

by Michael Nelson. 2002 (reprinted 2008). A comprehensive guide to 48 of Priestley’s plays. Contains critical commentaries, descriptions and performance histories. A must have book for anyone interested in the dramatic works of J.B. Priestley. 86 pages. ISBN 0-9536544-7-8. £5.00.

Works Concerning Priestley’s Non-Fiction

J. B. Priestley’s English Journeys

by Alan Day. 2005. An account of the various journeys through England described by Priestley, the different editions of his classic work of social commentary, English Journey and an overview of some of the many authors who have followed in his famous footsteps. 36 pages

More Particular Priestleys: a Guide to a Further Selection of Prose Works

by Michael Nelson. 2000. 48 pages.

The Story of J. B. Priestley’s “Postscripts”

by Nicolas Hawkes. 2008.  Priestley’s broadcasts to the nation in 1940 were hugely influential in giving inspiration and support to the British people during the critical weeks of the Battle of Britain and the onset of the Blitz. Yet they caused controversy within the Government. This account is based on detailed archival research giving the full story for the first time. 46 pages. ISBN 978-1-84175-287-7

Works Concerning Priestley’s Life and Times

J. B. Priestley: a Spiritual Odyssey

by Ken Smith. 2000 (reprinted 2008). 40 pages. ISBN 0-9536544-6-X. Priestley’s views on the significance of life.

J. B. Priestley: the Cambridge Years

by Alan Day. 2007. 24 pages. Contains: Up at the Varsity (1919-1920); Parliamentary Candidate; and An Attempt at Literature (“The Chapman of Rhymes”, 1918).

J. B. Priestley: Early Years in London

by Alan Day. 2008. 22 pages. Chapters on J. C. Squire, London groups and coteries, John Lane, Robert Lynd, Gerald Barry.

Works by Priestley

Not in these Days: the Story of a Yorkshire Christmas

by J. B. Priestley. Reproduced from the Radio Times of 20 December 1929. 2000. 20 pages. ISBN 0-9536544-4-3

The Society Journal – Volume 15

The Journal of the J. B. Priestley Society is published annually. To coincide with the 75th anniversary of Johnson Over Jordan this edition features a comprehensive critical overview of Priestley’s most experimental and innovative play. This edition also features articles on Priestley by former leading theatre critic, Benedict Nightingale.

The Society Journal – Volume 14

Previous version of the Journal of the J. B. Priestley Society which published annually.

CDs produced by the Society

All £5.00.

Boynton: an entertainment about J.B. Priestley. Written by Geoff Bryson and Peter Walker. Performed on 8th November 2002 at The Bradford Club.
Cast: Geoff Bryson, John Horton, David Denbigh and Stuart Farrell.

Trevor Hill talks to the J.B. Priestley Society on 5th April 2003 at the Shakespeare Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Rediscovering J.B. Priestley. Ilkley Literature Festival 2006. Michael Billington, Kenneth Cranham and Tom Priestley discuss Priestley’s legacy and why his work is
ripe for discovery. Chairman: Ian Brown

Other publishers of Priestley Related Titles

Michael Nelson’s Amazon reviews (m j nelson) include Bright Day, Delight, English Journey, The Good Companions (2), An Inspector Calls (2), Margin Released, When We Are Married.

The Rediscovering Priestley series, published by Great Northern Books

Great Northern Books are reprinting classic Priestley works, with extra photographs and articles. Full details on their Priestley page.

Bright Day. 2006.
The Good Companions. 2007.
English Journey. 2009.
Delight. 2009.
Priestley’s Wars. 2008. Covers Priestley’s World War I service, World War II Postscripts and role in the founding of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Edited by Neil Hanson and Tom Priestley.

Oberon Books

Oberon Books publishes a volume of Priestley’s writings about the stage, The Art of the Dramatist, and his plays, Eden End, Johnson Over Jordan, Dangerous Corner, When We Are Married and Cornelius, and the collections J.B. Priestley: Plays One,Plays Two and Plays ThreePlays Four will be available from March 2013.

Commercially Available Audio Books

An Inspector Calls, BBC Audio Books, 2011.

When We Are Married, BBC Audio Books, 2011.

Time and the Conways. BBC Audio Books, 2010.

The Good Companions. CSA Word, 2010. Abridged.

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